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Treatment Center Tarzana

Treatment Center Tarzana

It sounds simple when you assume all you have to do is search online for your condition's best rehab. Many facilities look spectacular online or with the first visit but are completely underwhelming when you join. You want a drug and alcohol rehab in Tarzana that signifies everything you seek, with a list of non-negotiable resources and services to improve the Tarzana addiction treatment.

Five must-haves for a drug treatment center

Staff qualification

Studies found that clinicians with the highest clinical qualifications offer a special kind of service to clients and a better chance for faster and better recovery. Most rehab facilities do not display the staff credentials on the site and lack the inherent wisdom consistent with a high-quality rehab.

North Star Detox and Rehab takes pride in the extensive medical qualifications of Dr. Hossein Joukar. He has the educational qualifications and vocational training to offer patients prompt and personalized treatment with exceptional care and professionalism. The doctor’s medical emergency experience makes him an excellent candidate for intense detox cases needing intense supervision and medical attention.

Dr. Julio is an equally competent doctor with high standards of substance abuse management and family medicine. He worked on several front-line situations, including suggesting how best to manage drug addiction during the Covid pandemic.


Addiction treatment facilities can only get accreditation when they pass the rigorous testing phase. It is generally a good sign when the facility has more than one license qualification because it shows commitment to long-term excellence.

Some accreditation licenses signify cultural sensitivity and the provider’s commitment to match the client’s demands. We express our vision by working with the best health care licensing bodies to encourage the best services and serve the community’s highest good.

Financing options

The best recovery centers in Tarzana help you understand your financial obligations before committing to your insurance plan or payment. While some facilities cannot give every detail of the payment plan, they will let you know each program's cost despite the complications. We are a genuine advocate of our programs and always quote the program's price during the consultation. Our coverage options will also include a guide for you to verify the insurance, with minimal financial restrictions.

Custom treatment plans

Research states that an effective addiction treatment program is specific to the client. Our custom residential inpatient treatment centers in Tarzana
address particular issues like gender, culture, and psychological challenges to heal specific abuse disorders.

Quality medical care

Substance abuse affects the mind and body in a myriad of ways. It should be easy to address all these issues with on-site nurses and physicians who understand emergency medical responses. A qualified medical team can quickly manage intense withdrawals with opioids, sedatives, and detox drugs that ease all kinds of complications, including seizures.

Tarzana treatment centers/ should have an aftercare plan that goes beyond a month or two. These longer engagements have proven benefits of resulting in few relapses and improve social functioning. Get in touch with our physician-owned and operated recovery treatment center at 818-928-2042/818-928-2043 for more information on all our programs.

Treatment Center Tarzana

NorthStar Detox & Rehab Center


Treatment Center Tarzana

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