NorthStar Detox & Rehab Center

Rehab Tarzana

Rehab Tarzana

North Star Detox & Rehab Center offers the best path to addiction recovery. We offer tailored inpatient and outpatient treatment programs to help you and your loved one achieve sustained recovery from addiction. Our treatment options include some of the latest addiction recovery plans to ensure our patients achieve full recovery.

Our Tarzana treatment centers are where recovery begins. We have some of the best recovery centers in Tarzana. Our facility is managed by a 24-hour team of medical and support staff. In addition, we provide therapy to promote recovery and healing. Our treatment facility offers patients an excellent environment to meet peers on their journey to recovery. In addition, we offer many treatment programs, including 30, 60, and 90-day programs.

Our patients have access to quality amenities and delicious meals. Some of our services include:

  • Intensive outpatient programs
  • Residential treatment programs
  • Alcohol abuse treatment
  • Substance abuse treatment

Customized Tarzana Addiction Treatment

Patients at North Star Detox & Rehab Center benefit from personalized addiction treatment programs to achieve long-term recovery. In addition, our drug and alcohol rehab in Tarzana offers patients opportunities to optimize their lives and learn invaluable skills to make the most of their lives after recovery. Our addiction treatment programs address many issues and obstacles, including:

  • Lack of motivation to remain sober
  • Underlying psychological health conditions
  • A safe environment away from addictive substances
  • Offering patients the help they need to develop healthy daily routines and habits
  • Cravings from drugs
  • Coping with triggers for substance abuse
  • Withdrawal symptoms
  • Coping with complications at work, school, or with the law

Comfortable Recovery

Our residential inpatient treatment centers in Tarzana offer high levels of care to those recovering from substance abuse in a comfortable environment. In addition, our integrated facility accommodates patients in recovery from substance abuse and dual diagnosis. We provide personalized treatment programs to treat patients’ unique situations and struggles.

We aim to help our clients achieve long-term sobriety in any way possible. North Star Detox & Rehab Center is an accredited drug and rehab center in Tarzana. We have helped many patients achieve sobriety and live successful and healthy lives. In addition, we offer trauma care with addiction treatment. Our staff consists of trained specialists with many years of experience in addiction treatment. We treat patients to overcome their addiction and the underlying psychological or physical issues keeping them in a vicious cycle of addiction.

Our case managers handle client issues and ensure they have all the resources they need to achieve sobriety. Therefore, they spend significant amounts of time with patients preparing them for treatment and coordinating their activities while receiving treatment. In addition, North Star Detox & Rehab Center has excellent relationships with sober living facilities to work with patients after they have left treatment. We work to ensure patients achieve long-term sobriety even after discharging them from our facilities.

North Star Detox & Rehab Center provides a full continuum of care by adjusting to patient needs to provide the right level of care. Please contact North Star Detox & Rehab Center for the best physician-owned and operated recovery treatment center: 818-928-2042/818-928-2043


Rehab Tarzana

NorthStar Detox & Rehab Center


Rehab Tarzana

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NorthStar Detox & Rehab Center
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