Inpatient Detoxification Tarzana CA

Medical Detoxification, otherwise known as Detox, is administered in an inpatient setting.  Generally, when our client is admitted to the NorthStar facility, they are immediately evaluated by a Medical Doctor who is a Substance Use Disorder Specialist, to ensure that the detoxification process can be administered safely. The Physician will then create a detoxification plan and medication regimen for the client, to allow a safe detoxification process.

This process lasts 5 to 7 days and is monitored by staff and the physician through the process. Detox from substance use is often accompanied by severe withdrawal symptoms which can be quite uncomfortable and at times life threatening. Administration of certain medications during this process helps the client to more easily and safely overcome the Detox process. Such a detoxification process can be uncomfortable and dangerous if administered without constant medical attention.

At NorthStar the patient will be monitored 24/7 by our highly trained medical team to ensure a safe, healthy and comfortable detox experience. You can also count on our staff to be available around the clock to help you through the physical and mental effects of detoxification.