NorthStar Detox & Rehab Center

Holistic Care

Substance use disorder  touches all areas of patient’s life, so does successful treatment.

At NorthStar Detox & Rehab Center, the patient and their loved ones will have access to wellness education services, and activities to enrich their recovery journey. For example, one might choose to learn more about healthy eating or decide to quit smoking; patients will have a choice of yoga, basketball, Zumba, or physical conditioning to allow their body to receive the exercise it needs for healthy living. If a client has special dietary needs or simply wants to eat healthier, we offer consultations with registered dietitians. Further, if a client is dealing with medical issues or a chronic disease, NorthStar can help them learn to manage their health as well. 

Wellness means improving your quality of life from the inside out. NorthStar hosts faith-based services or religious/spirituality groups, and we’ll do everything we can to be sensitive to the patient’s religious needs.

NorthStar Detox & Rehab Center
Life Changes for The Better at NorthStar!

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