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Gillespie county orthopedic surgeon

Gillespie county orthopedic surgeon

Dr. Paul Phillips at Phillips Orthopedic holds over 24 years of experience in serving his community with the highest quality medical care. Dr. Paul is a leading Gillespie county orthopedic surgeon, and he specializes in sports injuries, knee, and shoulder replacement treatment, and arthroscopy of knee, shoulder, and wrist.

Do I need a shoulder replacement surgery?

This surgery is for those with a severely damaged shoulder and those with an underlying condition that makes it difficult for them to use their arm. Patients suffering from a serious shoulder injury, a broken bone, severe arthritis, or a torn rotator cuff may require a shoulder replacement. Your doctor will primarily try to treat your condition with drugs and physical therapy. However, if your pain does not respond to these treatments, you may need surgery.

After the successful completion of a total shoulder replacement surgery, you will no longer feel pain and can enjoy a full range of motion. You will also regain full strength and function in the shoulder area. Our #1 Gillespie county orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Paul Philip, offers on-spot diagnosis and helps patients lead a pain-free life with his highly conducive treatment approach.

When do I need surgery for rotator cuff problems

Mild to moderate rotator cuff problems are easy to treat conditions and do not require intensive treatment or surgery. However, if you suffer from severe pain that lasts for months, you may need surgery. The rotator cuff refers to a set of tendons and muscles in your shoulder that helps lift, rotate, and move your arm. Sometimes, the rotator cuff can experience tears or get pinched by the surrounding bones leading to pain. Slip and fall, road accidents, wear, and tear are some of the common causes of this condition.

Your doctor will try to manage the condition with physical therapy, OTC medications, and cold therapy. However, if these treatments do not offer any relief, your doctor may recommend surgery. If your shoulder hasn't improved even after 6-12 months of non-invasive treatment or if you have a tear in your rotator cuff tendon, you will need surgery. Dr. Paul is highly skilled in performing arthroscopic repairs of the shoulder and open tendon repair surgeries.

Is hip replacement surgery safe?

Hip replacements surgery is one of the oldest, proven, and safe procedures with no risks. You may not be able to move in the initial days after your surgery, and some patients may suffer from blood clots. Your doctor will put you on blood thinner medications to prevent blood clots. 

After the surgery, your doctor may warn you not to cross your legs or sit too low to avoid the joint from getting dislocated. In rare cases, patients suffer from numbness as a result of injured nerves in the hip area due to the pressure and swelling. However, this condition is easily manageable with OTC medications.

Call Phillips Orthopedic today at (830) 990-0991 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Paul, the #1 Gillespie county orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Paul can provide you with an accurate diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment and help you lead a healthy and pain-free life.

Gillespie county orthopedic surgeon

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Gillespie county orthopedic surgeon

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