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alcohol and drugs withdrawal symptoms

Drug Withdrawal Signs and Symptoms

Frequent and chronic use of dangerous drugs (e.g., cocaine, heroin) typically leads to a much more severe disorder—drug addiction. Addiction or substance use disorder is …

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improve mental health

Improve Your Mental Health Outlook & Increase Treatment Effectiveness

The journey of recovery is not just about getting clean and sober. It’s also an opportunity for you, as well as those around us who …

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sexual health alcohol dependency

The Effects of Alcohol Dependency on Sexual Health

Alcohol is often considered a “social lubricant” used to break down conversational walls, reduce self-consciousness, and facilitate disclosure. Additionally, many individuals view alcohol as a …

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negative effects alcohol body

Understanding the Negative Effects of Alcohol on your Body

Introduction Millions of Americans drink alcohol regularly, and while many people can do so without any problems, for others alcohol can be addictive and have …

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alcohol long term health

Impact of Alcohol Dependency on Long-Term Health

Alcohol dependency can have devastating effects on long-term health. In fact, conservative estimates link over 100,000 deaths per year to alcohol, in the United States …

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cocaine withdrawal

Cocaine Detox – What to Expect in Treatment

The effects of detoxing from cocaine can be mild to severe, depending on how much and when you took it. Symptoms may include: restlessness; an …

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loved one in treatment

Improving Relationships After Addiction Treatment

When in recovery, one of the first things you might want to do is start fixing your broken relationships. You may recognize that there was …

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stress response alcohol abuse

Stress Responses Caused by Alcohol Abuse

One of the most common rationalizations for alcohol addiction is relaxation, with nearly one in three alcoholics stating they use alcohol to relax. However, the …

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making interventions work

Conducting Interventions at Home

The National Center for Biotechnology Information reports that early intervention is key in helping someone who may be at risk of developing a substance abuse …

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liver health alcohol dependency

Liver Health and Alcohol Dependency Treatment

Liver health can be seriously affected by untreated alcohol dependency. In fact, alcohol-related liver disease can lead to serious conditions such fatty liver, alcohol-induced hepatitis, …

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choosing a therapist

Choosing a Therapist to Help with Addiction

The decision to see a therapist is not always an easy one. When you are searching for the right person, it’s important that your criteria …

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alcohol dependency digestive health

The Effects of Alcohol Dependency on Digestive Health

From the first drink of alcohol, the body’s digestive health can begin a long road to peril. Alcohol can cause damage to a host of …

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enabling childs addiction

Am I Enabling My Child’s Addiction?

The best way for parents to show their unconditional love and support is by helping them get treatment. When children fall into substance abuse or …

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codependency addiction

Addiction, Relationships & Codependency

If your loved one shows symptoms of a substance use disorder, your relationship is likely affected by this in various ways. This may include the …

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spotting symptoms of alcoholism

Spotting the Symptoms of Alcoholism

Alcoholism puts a person’s health, safety, and life in danger. When a person has an addiction, family members may resort to sending their loved one …

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alcohol addicted couple

Why an Addicted Couple May Use and Abuse Drugs and Alcohol

There are several reasons why a couple may start to use and become addicted to drugs and alcohol: 1. Comfort Partners who struggle with stress …

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loved one struggling with alcohol abuse

Loved One Struggling with Alcohol Abuse? It Starts With Understanding

Alcohol addiction has become a disease that is affecting thousands of people in the United States every day. According to a survey from NIH, 14.5 …

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sending loved one to alcohol rehab

Sending a Loved One to Alcohol Rehab

Addiction is a chronic illness that cannot be managed through rehab treatment alone. The affected individual, therefore, needs to be constantly monitored and supported by …

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how treat alcoholism

How Rehab Centers Treat Alcoholism

Alcohol addiction treatment is a combination of medical detox and therapy. Therapy can help identify the root cause of alcohol issues, while medical detox gets …

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choosing alcohol rehab program

Choosing an Alcohol Rehab Program for a Family Member

Even though you’re not sure if your loved one would want to enter a rehab center. It is necessary to find a center before talking …

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factors make couples susceptible to addiction

What Factors Make a Couple Susceptible to Addiction?

All couples have the potential to be addicted to alcohol and drugs if they are not careful about their habits. After all, addiction is not …

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substance abuse disorder symptoms

The Symptoms of Substance Use Disorders

If you have a friend or family member who lives with an addiction, it’s only natural to think of how you can help. While it …

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best treatment options for couples

What Is the Best Treatment Option for Addicted Couples?

The best treatment option for each couple will depend on their unique situation and needs. Individual Treatment Individual rehabilitation is a viable alternative for certain …

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what to expect substance abuse

What to Expect from Someone With Substance Abuse Problems

If you have a friend or family member who lives with an addiction, it’s only natural to think of how you can help. While it …

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understanding substance abuse treatment

Understanding Your Substance Abuse Treatment Options

The word substance refers to illegal drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol, over-the-counter drugs, and other items that aren’t considered to be drugs. Substance abuse refers to …

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