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Life Changes for The Better at NorthStar Treatment Center Tarzana CA!

If you or your loved ones suffer from Substance Use Disorder (SUD), choosing the right facility is key to a successful recovery and continued sobriety. Therefore, choosing our Residential Addiction Treatment Center in Tarzana, Los Angeles that is owned and operated by a licensed Medical Doctor will insure that you are receiving the highest quality of care with particular attention on patient safety. NorthStar Detox and Rehab Center in Tarzana is one of only few facilities in the United States that is owned and operated by a Licensed Physician.

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What We Offer

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Drug Rehab

Evidence-based drug addiction treatment programs to help achieve long-term sobriety and recovery. Learn more

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Alcohol Rehab

Proven treatment options for alcohol use disorder and alcohol dependence. Learn more

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Inpatient Drug & Alcohol Detox

Comprehensive inpatient detoxification program for substance abuse and addiction. Learn more

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Inpatient Residential Treatment

Comprehensive and compassionate care for lasting recovery. Learn more
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Relapse Prevention Program

Maintain sobriety and avoid relapse with our thorough relapse prevention program. Learn more

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Luxury Rehab

Tailored treatment and top-tier amenities: exploring luxury rehab in Los Angeles. Learn more

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Residential Inpatient Treatment Tarzana, Los Angeles - Your Safe Recovery

At Northstar Detox and Rehab in Tarzana, we believe that a supportive environment, high-quality medical care, and a strong commitment to treatment are essential components of successful recovery. We also take careful measures to maintain patient safety, comfort, and convenience while they are in our care. Our care for you does not end at discharge from our facility. We continue to maintain contact with our Clients, providing them with guidance and mentorship to allow continued success with their life in sobriety.​
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NorthStar Detox & Rehab Center
Life Changes for The Better at NorthStar!

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